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Valder Beebe

(Over the Air Host)

Valder Beebe, host of the Valder Beebe Show on radio and streaming TV since 2002, she is best known for her talk show The Valder Beebe Show.  Her show with a focus on self-improvement, spirituality, literature with today’s trends.    She has also been sometimes ranked as an Influencer and a disruptor in spiritual self-help media.

The viewership for The Valder Beebe Show   2016-2017 season, metered approximately 1.1 million U.S. listeners each day; on multiple platforms KYBS & KRER, Streaming Radio, On-Demand (video & audio), PODCAST.  

 In 2014 – 2015 ratings were metered at 3.2 million U.S. listeners on multiple stations. The show was not metered prior to 2014 though it remained the consistently ranked among the top rated talk FM talk shows.

According to polling conducted by Radio.net the Valder Beebe Show is especially popular among baby boomer women, Democrats, political moderates, Generation X, Southern Americans, and West Coast Americans.

The Valder Beebe Show became popular drawing record numbers of female baby boomer listeners and viewers (on-demand viewing).  It has been reported that The Valder Beebe Show, the host modest demeanor, combined with her attitude of triumph over adversity and spirituality has caused some women to idealize the Host, Valder Beebe.

Valencia King

Valencia King is the Producer, Host and Owner of Real Talk Sports with Valencia King. She is the voice of reasoning, the conscious of our innocent, and the heartbeat of our nation. Valencia holds an Associate in Arts in Broadcast Journalism, a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree with a Sports and Entertainment Marketing minor as well as completed the Alternative Dispute Resolution certification program. Valencia is the recipient of the 2017 UNT Dallas JAG Award for Aspiring Professional of the Year, the 2016 Home Depot Community Hero Award, North Texas Minority Chamber of Commerce Community Outreach Award, Voice of the Freshman Intern Award from the University of North Texas, Garland NAACP Youth Image Awards and the Academic Ribbon Winner from the Texas Girls State Fair, Women’s Museum: An Institute for the Future.

As a talk show host, Valencia takes pride in knowing her interviews with business moguls; educators, athletes, and entertainers help connect her self-confidence message with the youth in her community and beyond. As a speaker and advocate for youth, Valencia King motivates teens to DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE and to Take Action Now! Valencia connects with youth and young adults through poetry, music and relatable content. Valencia and her mother Shirley Walker-King are known as a fabulous and astute Mother Daughter Duo in Sports, Entertainment and as Motivational Speakers. Together they conduct workshop and seminar under their nonprofit Community Mom Community Dad program. In Valencia’s down time she enjoys watching sports and fishing with her father Vincent King a retired veteran of the U.S. Navy. All in all Valencia King is a well-rounded young lady who is becoming star amongst journalist, talk show host and motivational speakers. Valencia King is the voice of radios, the conscious of our innocent, and the heartbeat of our nation. She is the New Girl Next Door.